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Craftsmanship is contemporary.

Where technology and innovation takes over, contemporary works call for the revival of past traditions in modern practices. Contemporary works should include the mental and physical participation of the ‘user’ and not the ‘viewer/spectator’. Art & design by a machine should not be considered good art/design as it celebrates not the art itself, but the science(and/or art) of the machine.

School of Thought


Leow Hou Teng, a Creative Nomad, more hipster than your regular hipster, has a perpetual yearning for the latest design trends and is constantly in search for a stream of fresh, creative ideas.


A closely-scrutinized paraphernalia of creative works and objects by the obsessively-compulsive hoarder of ideas, concepts, design and artworks for the purveyor of  good design.



For work opportunities, freelance assignments, design/art collaborations and random hellos or love letters, please wire, hash tag, snail mail, or send a balloon to me. 


My Projects

Graduated from Nanyang Technological University, School of Art Design & Media and work experience from a furniture design and an advertising agency, my portfolio of works ranges from print to installation(form & spatial) and video(time), applying a multidimensional artistic approach to our modern needs of visual communication. A line, in the shape of a chevron, evokes the idea of a roof in the corporate identity of the Family Justice Courts of Singapore; a circular and square arrangement of tablets represents Heaven and Earth in the installation, Questions to Heaven; these simple graphic signifier presenting visual clarity but deep conceptual approaches is a recurring theme in my works.