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A photography documentation of the everyday people you meet in Nepal by Leow Hou Teng, Hou Teng.
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People of Nepal II

07 Jun People of Nepal II

Part of the perks for travelling solo is that people are more willing to befriend you when you are alone ( for the pessimists, this also means thieves and pick-pockets are more likely to approach you). This is the second part of a previous post about the people that I met, or came across on my Nepal Trip.


A young Tibetan living among the Annapurna mountain ranges selling handmade trinkets and  jewelry to trekkers. He was also helping out at the Teahouse where I was eating at. I had a good chat with him and bought a metal lock that was crafted by his father.



A photograph of my guide and porter on my last trekking day around Poon Hill and Annapurna Mountain. They were seen here relaxing and taking a shade under a tree after 8 days of trekking. Many porter and guides like them, spend days or months in Kathmandu city or among mountain ranges away from their family to earn some tourist dollars. My porter, on the left, has a scar on his face from a flying knife attack he survived. His sister, unfortunately did not survive the attack.



Two workers pushing a bicycle cart overloaded with boxes of goods along the streets of Kathmandu city.


P1160836 lres

An old lady in elaborate traditional costume and a wheel-like prayer object and beaded necklaces circling the Boudhanath Temple.


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