About Houteng

Leow Hou Teng - Art Director and Digital Marketing Strategist - About Houteng

Hello, I am Houteng and I am an Art Director and Digital Marketing Strategist. I graduated from Nanyang Technological University, School of Art Design and Media, and have been working in Advertising and my startup. While I am now based in Singapore, I have worked briefly in China, and love to backpack around Asia.

My Skills

Adobe Creative Suite

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Muse, Experience Design, After Effects, Dreamweaver

Web Development

HTML, CSS, WordPress

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Facebook Marketing

During my university education, I was trained in Visual Communication where I gained skills in graphic design and art direction. After graduation, I went into advertising and was exposed to print marketing. Following that, I worked briefly as a Graphic Design Lead in a Chinese furnishing startup, an in-house designer in a multinational corporation, and a designer at a small design agency. While these work experiences are short, it has given me a glimpse of how different companies operate at different scale. Later, I launched an education startup where I picked up skills in WordPress development, HTML and CSS, and in digital marketing. Since I have these skills, it prompted me to build my personal portfolio and a blog to consolidate my learning and to demonstrate these skill sets.

Why I launched this Site

Extend my Portfolio

The blog allows me to demonstrate my skills in tech writing, web development, and digital marketing.

Passion to Share what I Know

I am motivated to share what I have learnt from other sites such as Coursera, Elegant Theme’s blog and many tutorial sites and forums.

Passive Income Stream

I hope to earn an extra stream of income through advertisements and online video lessons in the future.

Despite the tremendous amount of effort needed to launch this tutorial site, I felt that I had more to gain from this work.

Due to the lack of large digital marketing accounts in my existing portfolio, the site serves to show my skills to potential employers and clients. It allows me to consolidate the knowledge acquired through online lessons; the general observations made from keeping up-to-date with tech news; and the problems solved through searching, questioning, and multiple trial and errors.

This site is a practice ground for tech writing and general writing skills. I believe that acquiring writing and other complementary skills like coding, helps me to grow as a designer. I am on the lookout for work in areas of business growth strategy, beyond that of a basic graphic designer.

Since I have been constantly upgrading skills through online tutorials, I feel motivated to give back to the community. While sharing what I know through these WordPress and digital marketing tutorials, I hope to actively engage with people in the tech field. I will be delighted to extend help to people who may have problems relating to WordPress, Divi, or digital marketing.

In the near future, I hope to monetise the site through advertisements or tools and product features. These will, however, be highly relevant to the readers of this blog. In 2018, I also hope to launch video lessons to engage my readers more. This will allow me to consider freelance work options while travelling in different parts of the world.


Check out my Design Works

If you are interested to see my graphic projects, do take a look at my design portfolio.