After creating engaging content on a site, what should the next step be, in order to drive traffic and followers to a website? Leave it to the search engine and wait for users to discover that piece of content? That might take a while for it to be properly indexed. Instead, promote these content with other digital marketing techniques, such as through emails and on social channels like Facebook. In this tutorial, we’ll look at 18 Facebook post ideas to get traffic and followers to your website.

18 Facebook Post Ideas

From sharing an article or an image to hosting giveaways, live conferences, and selling products on the Facebook platform, consider these 18 Facebook post ideas to drive traffic and followers to your website.

Text and Content Facebook Post Ideas

  1. Feature Image on Shared Posts
  2. Add a Coloured Update
  3. Add a Note
  4. Share Free Guides and EBooks

Image-Based Facebook Post Ideas

  1. Share Images of Activities
  2. Images with Overlaid Texts (Motivational Quotes /Fun Facts, etc)
  3. Tap to Reveal Answer Image
  4. Gather Votes with Facebook Reactions
  5. 360° Images
  6. Animated Gifs

Video-Based Facebook Post Ideas

  1. Share a Video
  2. Host a Live Video
  3. Share Facebook Stories

Activity-Based Facebook Post Ideas

  1. Host Events
  2. Host Contests & Giveaways
  3. Create an App
  4. Create a Product Carousel

Text & Content Facebook Post Ideas

#1 Feature Image on Shared Posts

Most people are familiar with the idea of sharing blog articles on Facebook posts. Yet, many do not stop to consider how to optimise these posts. With some minor tweaks by adding extra information on these images, these shared articles will stand out from the clutter on the news feed. Compare the following two Facebook posts from The Guardian. Which of these posts capture your attention immediately?

Digital Marketing and WordPress Tutorials - Facebook Post Ideas to Get Traffic and Followers - Feature Image - Leow Hou Teng

Feature Images on the Guardian Facebook Page

Technical Specifications for Feature images on shared posts:

  • Recommended size 1200 x 675px
  • Adheres to the Open Graph Protocol
    • For WordPress users, consider adding an SEO plugin, such as the Yoast SEO plugin to easily handle these open graph tags.

Recommended Information to include on a Facebook Feature Image:

  • Logo
  • Website Link
  • Title of blog post/ event/ webpage
  • Date, Time, and Venue for Events
  • Call to action

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Depending on the company’s brand guidelines, some feature images may be more subtle, others can show off their brand colours, image, and graphics style to ensure its consistency with existing campaigns. These images can be prepared with free tools such as Canva to manage social media images across the marketing team.

#2 Add a Coloured Update

Since Facebook has introduced updates with unique backgrounds, colours, and gradients, use this feature for a quick update to your Facebook. This inbuilt tool makes it simpler than preparing it through tools such as Adobe Photoshop or Canva, so give it a try.

Digital Marketing and WordPress Tutorials - Facebook Post Ideas to Get Traffic and Followers - Coloured Update - Leow Hou Teng

Adding a Colour Backdrop in a Facebook Status


#3 Add a Note

Notes are one of the oldest features on Facebook but it has been updated since. The feature is now in full width and it can be a pleasure to read them. This feature can be used as an inbuilt blog feature or lengthy contest details.

Posted by Facebook Data Science on Thursday, January 12, 2017


#4 Share Free Guides and EBooks

Offer free guides and eBooks on Facebook to collect email addresses and other user data. These can be exclusive content that is related to existing content on the site. Most of these eBooks are usually just PDFs rather than ePub interactive guides. As a case study, Hubspot loves providing free digital marketing guides to collect user data and follow up with a direct call.

You work hard, let the numbers show it.

Posted by HubSpot on Tuesday, October 4, 2016


#5 Share Content from Other Websites

For brands that are lacking in content marketing, consider sharing content from other websites. This may not necessarily be a bad thing; promoting a content that you find useful to followers can benefit them as well. A well curated Facebook page can have a good following too.

Image-Based Facebook Post Ideas

#6 Share Images of Activities

Sharing images of a recent activity is another common post type on Facebook. These can be a good follow-up of events, roadshows, workshops, etc, to encourage new participants to join in for related upcoming activities. In addition, images may be tagged and shared by participants when they see their own image, hence giving your brand a greater reach to new audiences.

Digital Marketing and WordPress Tutorials - Facebook Post Ideas to Get Traffic and Followers - General Assembly Singapore Activity Photo Album - Leow Hou Teng

General Assembly Singapore Activity Photo Album on Facebook


Points to Note while Sharing Images of Activities

  • Be selective on the images that are shared. Not all images from the photographer should be included in the album.
  • Participants should be aware of their photos being taken at the activity.
  • Good lighting and well-taken shots are important.
  • Add notes about these images to help non-participants understand these images
  • Consider both natural and posed shots.

Recommended Information to Include in the Album

  • Event details – Date, Time, Venue
  • Tag VIPs
  • Give credit to sponsors who made the event possible
  • Description of photos where necessary

#7 Images with Overlaid Texts (Motivational Quote, Fun Facts, Poster)

Images with overlaid texts can come in the form of a motivational quote, a fun fact, a comic, a Meme, a poster, a tip, etc. These text overlaid images are commonly shared across Facebook as they are easily digestible by people flicking through their news feed. For example, Ted-ed tailors their motivational quotes according to existing brand guidelines as these are also extensions of their brand itself.

What's your favorite method of organizing your curiosity?

Posted by TED-Ed on Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Compared to creating a new blog entry or a video, creating images with overlaid texts requires significantly less time. These content can be exclusive to the Facebook channel to encourage new followers on the page. The images can be prepared by non-designers easily with a free social media tool such as Canva.

Technical Specifications for Images with Overlaid Texts

  • Minimum 800 x 800 px but recommended 1200 x 1200 px.

Recommended Information to Include on images

  • Logo
  • Website Link

BONUS ⇒ Compile related images into a blog post to create fresh content on your website. For example, tips on how to clean the kitchen can be split into five images and shared across an entire week. These five tips can be included into a post on how to clean the kitchen.

#8 Tap to Reveal Answer

Tap to Reveal Answer is not exactly a Facebook feature. It is a regular image that is long, such that the ‘answer’ is displayed at the bottom and hidden from view unless a user clicks on it. While most sites are using it for mindless interactions, it can be used to reveal answers to quizzes or as a teaser for a new launch for example.

Digital Marketing and WordPress Tutorials - Facebook Post Ideas to Get Traffic and Followers - Sainsburys Tap to Reveal Post - Leow Hou Teng

Sainsbury’s Tap to Reveal Facebook Post

Digital Marketing and WordPress Tutorials - Facebook Post Ideas to Get Traffic and Followers - Sainsburys Tap to Reveal Post Full - Leow Hou Teng

Sainsbury’s Tap to Reveal Full Post

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#9 Gather Votes with Facebook Reactions

Instead of a regular poll, gather feedback by getting people to vote with Facebook reactions. Add a Facebook reaction emoji with a corresponding object to vote for. These will gather more clicks on a single post and the possibility of it appearing on someone else’s news feed.

Digital Marketing and WordPress Tutorials - Facebook Post Ideas to Get Traffic and Followers - Facebook Reactions Polls - Leow Hou Teng

Facebook Reactions Polls


#10 360° Image

Similar to animated gifs, 360° images can be shared on Facebook as a means to capture people’s attention. I have seen instances where these interactive images are used to get users to do a treasure hunt by searching around the image. In another example, users follow arrows to find out more about an event and its details. In the case study below, Magnum gave its Facebook followers a glimpse of its new store with a 360° image.

Have you visited our Magnum Pleasure Store yet? Swirl around our 360 photo to discover exciting store features including…

Posted by Magnum on Thursday, September 14, 2017


#11 Animated Gifs

Consider animated gifs the next time you post to Facebook. These animated images can be pretty mesmerising to look at and easily shared by users. Gifs can also be used as an animated poster for an upcoming event, as they are more visually engaging than the regular image.

Video-Based Facebook Post Ideas

#12 Share a Video

Due to Facebook algorithms, videos are more likely to appear on a person’s news feed. Increasingly, videos are also the preferred content type by both the marketers and the consumers, as opposed to worded content. While videos may require more time to prepare as opposed to regular text-based content, videos can be repurposed for the brand’s content marketing and Youtube marketing plans. Shared video on Facebook and Youtube can be embedded within blog posts as a fresh content.

Recently, many videos on Facebook such as those by PlayGround +, are text based with stock video footages. These are highly effective to bring awareness to issues. As Facebook videos are commonly played without sound in public areas, these texts act as subtitles and easily captures viewers attention.

Technical Specifications for Videos on Facebook

  • Any size
  • Consider square videos as they are more viewable on mobile devices and on a desktop.

Recommended things to Include on Videos

  • Logo
  • Website Link
  • Subtitles as many videos on Facebook are played without sound.
  • Large text/ Keywords
  • Background Music

#13 Host a Live Video

Instead of a regular video, hold live conferences, question-and-answer sessions, workshops, or lectures on Facebook. Unlike regular postings, when a live video is in session, followers will receive a notification to view it. Live video can also be used for live events happening at a location, to get people to come down for the actual event. Users can also schedule live sessions to inform followers to be on the platform at the specified time.

Digital Marketing and WordPress Tutorials - Facebook Post Ideas to Get Traffic and Followers - Hubspot Live Reminder - Leow Hou Teng

Scheduling Live Videos on Facebook as a Reminder


#14 Share Facebook Stories

Facebook’s newest feature, Stories, which is similar to that of Snapchat’s story, is a short video that lasts for 24 hours. Since the feature is underutilised on Facebook, it is easy to stand out from the clutter as it occupies a premium position on the app interface. However, the position of the Stories on desktop is at a less prominent position on the left side bar.

Activity-Based Facebook Post Ideas

#15 Host Events

Host events on Facebook to bring awareness to an upcoming event. These events will be added to followers’ calendar as a reminder. As an additional bonus, these events may also appear on attending participants’ friend’s event list, hence giving the activity more publicity.

Digital Marketing and WordPress Tutorials - Facebook Post Ideas to Get Traffic and Followers - Night Festival Singapore Event - Leow Hou Teng

Singapore Night Festival Event


Recommended things to Include on Facebook Event Page

  • Details about the event
  • Directions to the venue
  • What this event is about
  • Photographs, videos of past related events
  • RSVP link to a consolidated page, such as on Eventbrite or on your website.


#16 Host Contests & Giveaways

Contests and giveaways require money but this may be cheaper and more effective than Facebook advertisements. For a small prize of say, $300, this can easily become viral and shared by many people. Often, these giveaways should add simple requirements to fulfil, such as sharing it as a public post, liking the page, commenting on the post, or tagging a few friends to it. Contests hosted on your site can also help to collect valuable customers’ data. By publicly announcing the winners, more followers will deem it as credible and continue to follow for future contests and updates.

WIN! We're giving away four two-day combo tickets with access to both water and theme parks at Legoland, Malaysia,…

Posted by Nylon Singapore on Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Many editorial sites such as Nylon Singapore, do sponsor posts by getting sponsors to provide a prize and doing a write-up of the product. These are effective for pages with an existing huge fan base.

Recommended Things to Include in Contests

  • Like the post,
  • the Facebook Page,
  • Sponsor’s Facebook Page(If any),
  • Share the post publicly,
  • Tag friends in the comments to bring greater awareness to the giveaway,
  • Link to a supporting blog post.

Points to Note:

  • Avoid having too many requirements as this can potentially discourage users from taking part in the giveaway.

#17 Create an App

A costly feature, creating Facebook apps require the help of a developer. Many brands like to use this for simple interactive apps such as a lucky spin or a slot machine to promote a campaign and collect user data. If money is an issue, this may not be an option for you.

#18 Create a Product Carousel

A feature introduced in 2016, Facebook allows brands to sell products directly on your page. While actual sales figure may not be certain, this feature also acts as a product catalogue for possible offline sales.

Digital Marketing and WordPress Tutorials - Facebook Post Ideas to Get Traffic and Followers - Oppo Product Catalog Page - Leow Hou Teng

Oppo Singapore Product Catalog on Facebook

Digital Marketing and WordPress Tutorials - Facebook Post Ideas to Get Traffic and Followers - Oppo Product Catalog - Leow Hou Teng

Individual Product Feature for Immediate Purchase on Facebook

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