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Corporate identity design for the Family Justice Courts of Singapore
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The Family Justice Courts of Singapore

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About This Project

The Family Justice Courts of Singapore, established under the Family Justice Act 2014, came into being on 1 October 2014. The Family Justice Courts are set up as specialist courts to deal with family issues and cases involving youth. As a key constituent of the Singapore Judiciary, it is important for the Family Justice Courts to maintain a consistent and distinctive identity within the Singapore Judiciary and to the public.


The Family Justice Courts logo is a symbolic representation of shelter within the visual frame of a traditional courthouse. The outer maroon roof encapsulates the vision of the Family Justice Courts to be a source of justice that protects, empowers and restores individuals from troubled families. The inner roof reflects the commitment of those working within to build a vibrant, inclusive and cohesive community. An elegant typeface emphasises our aspiration to remain a modern and relevant, yet sturdy, custodian of the rule of law.


The design of the logo is consistent with the existing State Courts of Singapore and the Supreme Court of Singapore logo in terms of its look-and-feel, design, and its colours.


Designer: Leow Hou Teng
Copywriter: Hilary Yeo
Sales: Ivan Foo
Special Thanks
Farah Wahidah, Bon, Sean Goh, Alvin Lin

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October 01, 2014