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Far East Organisation shopping campaign pitches by 3AD Group, Leow Hou Teng
Leow Hou Teng, Houteng, 3AD Group, Far East Organisation, West coast Plaza, Junction 10, Katong V, Shopping Malls,
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Far East Organisation Campaign Pitches


Designer Leow Hou Teng
Copywriter Hilary Yeo
Copywriter Debbie Chan

special thanks

Bon, Sean Goh, Alvin Lin

© 2014 3AD Group Pte Ltd


December 25, 2014

advertising, shopping
About This Project

Design pitches for Far East Organisation shopping malls, Junction 10 Shopping Mall Christmas Campaign, West Coast Plaza Learning Campaign, and Great Singapore Sale Campaign and Katong Village School Holiday Campaign.


A J0yous Magical Christmas

Spin around and delight in a Carousel of Christmas treats, seasonal eats and rewards, here at Junction 10! Inspired by the carousel decorations for Junction 10 Christmas season, the design features a model, a Santarina on a reindeer carousel, distributing her presents to the Christmas village with her magical box.


Explore the Joy of Learning

Track a brighter future for your young ones through fun and engaging classes for music, art, dance and so much more! The design captures the imagination of the children with a fun, illustrated landscape of mountains, a rainbow sea across the land of books.


GSS Shopaholics

WARNING: Highly addictive sales galore everyday of the week!

ATTENTION: Delightful Barbie-themed activities, engaging workshops, and movie screenings for family fun.

Inspired by the barbie-themed activities that were held in conjunction with the annual Great Singapore Sale and school holiday season, the design features a Barbie model at a window display scene inside a typical Barbie packaging.


Come Out and Play

A fun-filled event for the entire family! The visual was a design for the school holiday campaign at the Katong Village Shopping Mall in the Peranakan district. The visual features an inviting opened Peranakan-style window, and a bento box ledge filled with books, violin and balloon sculptures that were inspired by the activities held at the mall; a bento making and a balloon sculpturing workshop. A bento box is typically a self-customizable lunch box hence it was an appropriate signifier for a school holiday filled with activities that a child will like.