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Coupon booklet design for Housing Development Board of Singapore by 3AD Group, Leow Hou Teng
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Housing Development Board Fortune Times

  • HDB CNY 2014 1
  • HDB CNY 2014 2
  • HDB CNY 2014 3
  • HDB CNY 2014 5
  • HDB CNY 2014 4
  • HDB CNY 2014 6

About This Project

Coupon booklet design for the Housing Development Board shopping complexes Chinese New Year campaign 2014. The design was inspired by newspaper tabloid and plays with the double meaning of the chinese character, Bao, which means both newspaper and arrival, hence suggesting the arrival of fortune with the newspaper coupon booklet.


Design Leow Hou Teng
Design Song Ruimin
Design Bon
Photography Alvin Lin
Sales Abby Tay
Sales Kel Li

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February 01, 2014