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Lost & Found Furniture Catalog design by Cilicon Faytory, Leow Hou Teng
Lost & Found, Furniture catalog, Leow Hou Teng, Houteng, Cilicon Faytory, Cici Chen, Liu Hon Fay
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Lost & Found Catalog

  • Lost and Found Catalog 1
  • Lost and Found Catalog 2
  • Lost and Found Catalog 3
  • Lost and Found Catalog 4
  • Lost and Found Catalog 5
  • Lost and Found Catalog 7
  • Lost and Found Catalog 8

About This Project

Lost & Found designs are directed and designed by its principle designers; industrial designers, Cici Chen and architect Liu Hon Fay. Born out of passion for lifestyle designs, Cici and Fay had decided to combine their expertise of detailed product knowledge from industrial design and space application from an architectural perspective.


Flexibility, practicality and aesthetics are the key elements behind the current collections for Lost & Found. The latest collections, Signature, Urban and Prestige features three distinct design directions for different markets and consumers. The catalog serves to as an informative booklet for corporate buyers and the regular home owners.


Leow Hou Teng
Shellen Teh

Special Thanks

Ci Ci Chen
Liu Hon Fay

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August 12, 2013

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