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Orchard Central Directory

About This Project

Orchard Central’s ‘Centre of New’ positioning permeates every aspect of the mall – including new architectural and design forms to bring about a fresh and distinctive new retail experience for the sophisticated urban shopper.

Fronted by an iconic exterior featuring local artist Matthew Ngui’s eye-catching digital art membrane, the mall presents a unique cluster concept, grouping complementary offerings together to serve as special destinations for shoppers.

Both of the designs were very much inspired by the essence of Orchard Central – the architecture, the interior, the exterior, the unique tenants and the heart and soul of the brand of Orchard Central. Being the key designer of Orchard Central’s iconic exterior and several elements of its interior, we were naturally drawn to Matthew Ngui’s work and intended to translate elements from his works into the design. This led to the choice of using brighter colours and graphic elements to emulate the appearance of lights.


Designer Leow Hou Teng
Copywriter Hilary Yeo
Sales Ivan Foo Intern Loh Si Xuan

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October 01, 2014

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