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Restaurant menu design for French Restaurant Poulet in Singapore by 3AD Group, Leow Hou Teng.
Leow Hou Teng, Poulet, Houteng, Restaurant Menu Design, 3AD Group
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Poulet Menu Redesign Pitch

About This Project

Poulet; meaning chicken in French set its first debut at Bugis+ in July 2012. The restaurant is a modern French-themed bistro offering affordable French classics to the mass public. Driven by the passion and inspiration from market ingredients and classic French cooking techniques, Poulet serves up an array of French cuisines priced at a comfortable range.


With the introduction of new dishes to its menu, Poulet seeks an updated menu design that will be in line with its restaurant set-up while featuring the iconic Eiffel Tower.


The solution that we proposed was to feature the iconic Eiffel Tower in a three-dimensional form when the menu is placed on the dining table. Together with an illustrated Paris street street, it serves to immerse the diner in the French atmosphere.

Special Thanks

Bon, Sean Goh,
Alvin Lin, Ivan Foo

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April 07, 2014